My name is Mike.  I am a hiker turned trail runner.  I run mainly in the Gunks and Catskills. The gnarlier the trails, the more I like em.  I am a Catskill winter 35er (x4), an Adirondack winter 46er, a White Mountains 48er, and I just completed the Catskills 35 X 12 grid (420 peaks) in August 2016.   As a hiker, I began running  so I could do the Escarpment Trail Race which I have since completed 5 times, with 2 top-ten finishes.  I have also run a 100 mile race, a 74 mile race through the Alps, 5-50 milers including Manitou’s Revenge, (x3) and around 25 other marathon or greater races, all since I started running 6 years ago.  

My goal for this blog is two-fold.

One, Many people have inspired me as a hiker, runner, and climber over the years to do the things I have done.  So, I hope to share my running/hiking/etc. experiences with the trail running/hiking community at large to inspire new and veteran trail runners alike to get out and explore new places.

Two, to act as place to support small scale trail running events in the Northeast.  As each year passes, it seems the number of small town races and fat-asses is increasing exponentially and don’t get the attention they deserve.  I particularly aim to promote free to cheap, non-corporate events.  I don’t have a problem with the large corporate events, NFEC for example, but the small local runs need a little more help.

I have become a member of the Mountain Peak Fitness/Red Newt Racing Team for 2016.  This is a group of highly motivated athletes that are always getting at it whether racing, doing FKT’s, or other mountain adventures.  MPF training will hopefully get my body working better and RNR puts on a slew of awesome races throughout the year.  I can’t wait to report on some of the shenanigans we get into!


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